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iBrand Strategy offers professional search engine optimization services in India & USA to ensure that your business is visible to search engines. The objective of SEO service is to rank for keywords, resulting in organic traffic(the equivalent of footfalls in offline retail). This leads to conversions(quality traffic resulting in conversions, an equivalent of that would be a purchase in the real world).

Let us say, you go shopping at a retail outlet(A) and you are retailing fashion garments from this retail outlet. This retail outlet does not have any shop name, no window, no visible door, and no signage as well. From outside you can’t make out if there is any business running there. Then there is another retail outlet (B) which has large signage outside its shop that says it is “Shelly’s fashion garments,” it also has a standee outside its shop that says there are some attractive discounts on garments. You can see from the window that the retail outlet is full of people and that tells you that there is something attractive on offer which is making the shop full. Which outlet would you go to outlet A or outlet B. We all know the answer? In this example, retail outlet A is a non-optimized website, and outlet B is optimized for search engines like google, yahoo, and bing. This is what we help you achieve and are considered one of The Best SEO Company in India.

SEO is an integral part of digital marketing. Its purpose is to bring organic traffic to your website that can be converted into transactions. As long as you can watch the user experience for your website being enriching, your SEO will be taken care of and vice versa. As per an estimate, in the year 2017, there were around 1.2 trillion search queries per year worldwide. It would be best if you did search engine optimization to get traffic to your website, free of cost, amongst the millions of websites that are there. Also, when one looks at the Click through rates of organic and paid on the desktop, it is straightforward to figure out that organic gets the most CTRs and most conversions. Similarly, data for Mobile is also not much different. So in effect, you should look at having organic traffic through search engine optimization(SEO).

iBrand Strategy as an SEO agency offers the best SEO services in India. We provide affordable SEO services that take into account all aspects of your business. We help companies with: website audit, increasing visibility, link building, optimising content, keyword research, improve page speed, mobile optimisation and backlinking. We have proven white hat methods to help your business appear on the first page of Google Search, Bing and Yahoo.

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What makes iBrand Strategy one of the The Best Company for SEO in India?

As per one definition, “Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results”. Organic traffic is the golden benchmark of the effectiveness of search engine optimization. More optimized your website from SEO perspective, more your organic traffic. Our SEO Experts work with you to identify appropriate keywords basis your product or services, keeping in mind the industry and competitive intensity. Our experts’ understanding of search engines and various ranking factors helps them understand what people search for. Our experts optimise your website for keywords and content. We also help our clients in increasing site’s authority by working on backlinks that in turn helps improve site rankings

If you are planning to Launch your Business, Use our Business Launch Plan.

SEO services for business Launch in India & USA. This Launch Plan is for every entrepreneur who is thinking of creating a disruptive, product or service. We help you grow your IDEA into a full-fledged Business of Tomorrow.

We do this by:

  • Helping you discover your potential and presenting unseen opportunities that are possible in your business areas
  • We Partner with you grow your network leveraging our existing relations in the market
  • We COACH you to create breakthroughs in areas that are “Barriers” to your business Growth.
  • Yeah! We also help your business go ONLINE!

So, if you are an Entrepreneur who is trying to find “Search Engine Optimization for Startups”  do contact us for “Affordable SEO Packages”. Our superior SEO strategies and experience result in performance that can put you on an unparalleled growth path! Consult one of the Best Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Companies in India

Looking for Reliable & Affordable SEO Company in India?

Our motto is to “Listen for, and reliably deliver, that, which matters to you.” This motto drives every element of Digital Marketing that we undertake.

Whether you are a large enterprise, an SME or a startup, you will find our services very affordable. Our startup package for search engine optimization services costs very low. We started our journey through a coworking company, so If you are part of a coworking ecosystem, you get a special discount from us. Our SEO Team is expert in providing search engine optimization services for various CMS. So if you are looking for search engine optimization for WordPress website or Drupal search engine optimization, you need to go no further. Do consult us for search engine optimization services in India.

We are an ROI Driven agency that started with the objective of providing 360-degree solutions in digital marketing to our clients. As a search engine optimization company, we ensure that we adhere to the highest quality standards in content generation and related processes. This ensures excellent results for our clients and helps us deliver on Return on Investment promise. Our search engine optimization services, the research and due diligence we carry out in the area of search engine optimization make us one of the best search engine optimization company in India.

If you have engaged an agency whose SEO initiatives resulted in a drop in your rankings, it is possible that your website has been penalized due to black hat tactics that may have been employed.

We understand and follow ongoingly SEO practices across the world that have proven to be successful and acceptable by Google, and we implement only those with our clients. We make sure that Google does not penalize your website. If your agency has used black hat tools or practices, your website will slowly disappear from Google, and you will no longer appear in search results. We can help you identify if you are being penalized by Google or is there some other issue that is affecting your rankings.
Most of the fly by night operators employe these tactics and promise high rankings on page one immediately. We believe that ranking on page one is all about following the process and period of reaching on the first page of Google Search may vary depending upon competitive intensity for a particular keyword.

iBrand Strategy only invests its time in white hat SEO tactics.

We can help you clean up your website if you have been penalized.

Our skills & experience

We believe in generating the return on investment for our clients supported by the quality of work. Our team is a mix of professionals who have over the years of Digital journey perfected the art of delivering this to meet your needs.

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We are proud to work with

We have worked with the clients across various segments. Right from Blue Chip companies, Small and Medium Enterprises to Startups, we have worked with them all and helped them grow disproportionally. We work across Technology, Media, Telecom, Banking, Financial Services, Infrastructure and Services.

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Our Search Engine Optimization Services

On Page SEO Services in India

On page search engine optimization or on page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual websites and web pages both for content and HTML code so that they can rank higher and earn organic traffic. On page SEO is concerned with the content of your website, its structure(web pages and how they are connected, keyword rankings and a lot of other pages related factors). On page, SEO is the foundation on which the website gets ranked. Our high-quality content development services ensure that you are always ranking for important keywords. Our high-quality optimization process ensures that your search engines results show improved rankings for important keywords and web pages. Our integrated approach to SEO ensures that your website appears in the top 100 search engine results pages(SERP) within a month of publishing. With further optimization, we get our clients ranking for important keywords in top 10 search results.

Our sound understanding of ranking factors helps us create winning content that always appears in the top 100 organic results immediately after publishing.
Our content generation powered with human-curated keyword research ensures the best search rankings for your website. Higher search engine rankings ensure that your return on investments is always high, thus giving you a competitive advantage online as compared to your competitors. Keyword research is a vital task in on-page SEO. We benchmark your keywords, keyword gaps against your competitors to ensure that your rankings in search are always ahead of them. Irrespective of search engine algorithm changes, our focus on user experiences and the sound understanding of white hat SEO techniques ensure that you don’t experience a sudden drop in your traffic. We are sure that our methodology will help get higher rankings in search. Use our free on-page SEO audit to understand the gaps in your website.

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Off Page SEO Services in India

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Off-page search engine optimization or off page SEO is the process of ranking higher on SERP, same as on page SEO. But in the case of Off-page search engine optimization, all actions and activities are focussed outside the domain of your website. Popularising your links is one of the activities that is undertaken. Some of the activities that are conducted for off page SEO are link building, social bookmarking, guest blogging, influencer marketing, linked and unlinked brand mention. Use our free off page search engine optimization audit to understand the gaps in your website
As a part of Off Page SEO services, we help out clients with link building. What is Link Building? Simply stated, It is the process of getting backlinks from other websites. There are three types of links that we help create for our clients:

Natural Links- Natural links are given to a website without any action on the part of the website owner. Eg. A news website picks up a blog from a website is one such example. Another example of this could be funding news that a website publishes on its website and is picked up by news websites.
Manual links- Manual links are acquired through planned link-building activities. This includes outreach to various websites, bloggers, influencers to link to your website, through their websites or social media.
Self-created links-They are created by adding your website to an online directory, forum, blog comment signatures or a press release. Some of these activities are black hat SEO activities and can attract penalty from Search engines, so they are best avoided.
As Matt cuts, ex-Google quoted, “Make your links from blog comments genuine.”

Of all the above off page SEO techniques, manual link building is something that we recommend for all our clients, and we have devised an optimum strategy that delivers rapid results.

Technical SEO Services in India

Technical SEO services primarily refer to your website SEO from a technical standpoint. For this to happen, the search engine has to be able to crawl and index your website.
This is undertaken so that it is easy for the search engine to understand your site structure and helps consumers when they search for keywords. Purpose of Technical SEO is to enable search engine in accessing, crawling, interpreting and indexing your website. Technical SEO is like the foundation of a building. It is needed to be done right only once. After a good foundation of your site has been built with technical SEO, your other SEO initiatives come into the fray. However, without Technical SEO is done right, none of the other SEO activities will yield any results.

iBrand Strategy expert SEO Consultants specialize in technical SEO and its various aspects. We can help you optimize your website such that search engines can easily read and comprehend it. More search engine friendly your site is, more readily it will get crawled and more traffic you can expect as an outcome of it.

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Local SEO Services in India

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Local Search Engine Optimization refers to the set of optimization activities that focusses on improving rankings in a local area. As per a study we spend most of our income in the 30 Km radius around their homes. For a local business, it is important to rank for Local keywords as the success of their companies depends on beating their neighboring competitor rather than similar companies across the world. If you have a small business and thinking about how you can tap your potential target local market, then local SEO is for you. People are searching online for a host of local products and services like food, restaurants, saloons, coffee shops, etc. This has made Local SEO an essential service for local businesses.

If you are a business with a focus on a specific geography, you must align your website for local SEO services for your business to lead in its category. Local SEO helps companies attract local consumers and promote their products and services to them.

iBrand Strategy specializes in SEO that promotes your company’s website in such a way that you rank at the top of local listings. We do this by citations, reviews, backlines from relevant site and helping you create and maintain your Google My Business Listing pages. This enables you to get rankings in Local searches but also propels your business ahead of your competitors in the area.


Local SEO helps your business rank at the top of search rankings. Local SEO services include listing on relevant directories and classified sites like Yellow Pages, Yelp, etc.

Youtube SEO services in India

Youtube is one of the biggest video content platform. Youtube as a search engine is built for videos. It allows users to rank their videos, take their content to millions of people and leave an impression in the audience mind that helps them increase users.
There are over 1.9 Bn Monthly visitors to Youtube. Youtube has local versions in 91 countries and 80 different languages. Given the huge potential of Youtube as a channel, optimising your videos for Youtube can result into big jump in your website’s traffic and rankings.
iBrand Strategy as a part of its SEO services, helps you optimise your youtube channels and videos. Some of the activities that we undertake as part of Youtube SEO are, Keyword research for videos, tags, subtitles, thumbnail optimization for higher rankings etc.

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Mobile SEO Services in India

Did you know that mobile traffic to a website can vary from 50-80% of the total traffic? Another big question, Did you know that mobile conversion rates can be much lower than desktop conversion rates? Did you know that Google has already moved to Mobile first indexing? At iBrand Strategy, we are at the vanguard of identify the search trends and identifying relevant business issues out of those trends that affect you. Keeping all the information shared above, it has become very important today for a business to succeed on mobile. Google looks at the user interface and how friendly it is on mobile, how fast the page loads. All these factors eventually impact your rankings.

At iBrand Strategy, our team of experts always has its ears to the ground and we use specialized tools and techniques to find the emerging trends across the world. We help you develop mobile-centric websites, develop content that is relevant for people on the go, help you optimize for Local queries(which is one of the larger numbers of queries from mobile).

Why iBrand Strategy as your India SEO Agency

iBrand Strategy’s SEO expertise helps it attract consumers for businesses. We do this through first optimizing your websites and make it structurally sound so that you are giving the right signals to Google for ranking your keywords. Our team of SEO consultants ensures that you get top visibility of your business with search engines.

We help you generate more traffic for your website and improve your rankings. Our consumers’ insights and expertise in evaluating the competitive SEO landscape helps us create a business strategy that yields results.
Our strategy helps you identify low hanging fruits in your business from an SEO perspective and can go a long way in ensuring that you get a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our team has worked with Leading Indian brands and agencies like Cheil worldwide, Times Internet, ICICI Bank, Airtel, etc. Our expertise and knowledge in the area of digital marketing help us serve you better.

What makes iBrand Strategy one of the Top Ten SEO company in India.

iBrand Strategy has been repeatedly rated as one of the top ten SEO company from India due to the following reasons:

iBrand Strategy helps STARTUPs, SME’s and Large Brands alike. We help them in understanding the current gaps, audience, strategizing for capturing target market, improving visibility and growing their influence.

Appearing on the first page of search results today is a sure shot way of gaining publicity. We help our clients with the specialized tools and strategies and ensuring that you can beat the competition in search engine rankings.,

Our SEO Consultants help you optimize your website content by targeting the RIGHT keywords for your business. We ensure that Google finds your website easily when people are performing searches that are relevant to your business.

Our brains are distracted today. So is the case when it comes to working in SEO. Consumers pay attention to the content that is engaging and meaningful. Readability of content goes a long way in helping SEO. Google considers bounce rate(a measure of people coming to your page and leaving the website without doing anything) as a means to figure out the quality of content. So a content that is hard to read results into loss of rankings. We ensure that your content can be read and understood by everyone without much difficulty.

Backlinking is one of the essential way through which your site gets credibility and that in turn impacts rankings. We at iBrand Strategy help you build backlinks which are from relevant categories as your business and help you improve your trust score.

It is no longer important to rank for Desktop searches. As Google has started focussing on Mobile First indexing, it has become essential that your website is optimized for Mobile. Use our Mobile SEO services and get a booster shot in your rankings.

Customers today surf and buy more via their mobiles than their computers. Any website today must be optimized both for computers and mobile devices.

Local SEO will help you become a local favorite. We will help you get ranked for RIGHT local terms. We can further boost your Local profile by getting you features in the online directories that are relevant for your category. Beat your local competitors by boosting your rankings through Local SEO.

Smaller and startup businesses need different scale and size of SEO initiatives. We have specialized STARTUP launchpads wherein we provide affordable SEO packages for STARTUPs and SMALL BUSINESSES yet delivering a punch with its effectiveness.

We offer COMPLETE SEO Strategy to our clients that encompass their website structure, website content, off-page SEO, Social Bookmarking such that there are no factors left unturned when it comes to getting you ranked.

Why you need SEO Outsourcing Company in India?

To attract more businesses to your website you must get consumers to find you and visit it. That is why SEO becomes important. By appearing in top search results, you are made discoverable by consumers and that helps you get traffic which converts into leads and revenues.

In today’s cut-throat competition wherein the margins for products and services are declining, it becomes important for small businesses and startups to compete with big brands. If you outsource SEO services to us, you get the best of expertise and affordable cost and self-driven team that does not need direction. So without investing your time, you can outsource SEO projects to us and leave the rest to our expert team. While there are no guaranteed results in the Digital Marketing today when you outsource
SEO to us, we put great efforts to give you a month wise plan of where we intend to move in terms of rankings. This helps you with visibility of goals and evaluate the alignment of our actions in the areas of Local SEO, eCommerce SEO. By outsourcing SEO services in India to us you get assured results from a reliable team.

Next issue that you may want to address is how to outsource SEO to iBrand Strategy. We help you initially with an SEO audit of your website and help you identify areas that are working well as well as opportunities. We help you find low hanging fruits amongst these opportunities and basis that suggest a monthly SEO plan. The activities that we undertake under outsourced SEO services involve, content optimization, website optimization, link building, and local SEO, etc.

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